Contemplations of Free will

It is astounding what you learn about yourself by the time you are sixty,
at fifty you are glad to be here on earth,

You realize you would not like to go through this experience again

What is this existence all about anyway?

Rising up in the morning and crash that mind at night

all in between is just matter.

What about this and what about that…..

I burden my mind to the point of stroke, high blood pressure,

Overweight, bulky

Then shrill again

ensure mislaid hair, teeth and well that’s personal,

What makes me joyful, I love me…… everything about how I exist.

I glorify me, because I achieve the miniscule object in a day,

An infinite deed

I have learn to halt every rumored actuality, even your thoughts

Can assassinate you…

The breath of meditation is the immense working to

Control and relax

Conveying a innovative perspective

Then I endeavor it again in this existence, precisely, currently,

Still fledgling, gorgeous and more sentient

Competent to do what my descendants merely


What I envision goes beyond this citadel,  that houses the androgynous me

be unrestricted without inhibition,

Free me, free me

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