A Mother’s Loss

There’s a battle going on out here,
My son did not sign up for this,
He knew the pain it would cause,
I said good morning to him,
And made sure to him at night,
Then sent him out into the world,
Education for his intellect,
The sweet smell of life I thought,
When it was reported,
There was a conflict going on
One that took him away from me,
He lay there unable to respond
He lay there with his arms
Unable to embrace me,
He lay there unable to see my tears,
No one asked my participation,
To give my son so young,
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A meditation on a strut through
A challenging terrain,
Drum beating feet placed so deep,
A quest to move forward,
Breath strong and powerful,
Passing the baobab tree,
Open with out distraction,
Clearly I can see the way,
Keeping the pace toward,
Ethiopia by way of Nigeria,
Through other lands
Of danger
Lions aware of me,
Great elephants blow their horns,
Motivating me,
I am strong and powerful,
Muscles in extremities constrict,
Sweat covers my being like sheets
Of oil glistening all over revealing a
Well put together torso,
I run for my life,
I run like the wind,
Through the Serengeti,
Memories of family go by,
As I hear the word in my mind,
Keep moving……

The Bequest

Today I got up with my emotions of miraculous lay upon my life form

I could not believe how amazing I felt this sunrise.

I meditated for a moment on that sensation so pliable and insightful

Of my solar plexus,

I contemplated what could be better than this,

Even if now does not go well for me I want

The great spirit within

To know

I thank you for this gift of amazing sensitivity