Still Slaying Us

Every Sunday morning, my husband and I discuss life and people and events, it is a ritual for us. Especially for issues that involves the heart. It has kept our marriage strong.   My husband Ed says that if people would take 10 seconds before they decide to make a life-changing decision there would be fewer problems and come to a solution.  Our discussion move on to people doing things without thinking.

Our children kill each other, shoot each other in the head. Why do you try to stop our thinking? To enter houses and kill each other in our neighborhood. I was friends with young people during my time as secretary. If we listened to their conversations, we would not have a person to defend our homes. All the shootings will leave us defenseless. What young men do not understand, you reduce our numbers. You are four hundred years away from what you are in this world. In the days before my birth, our ancestors were abducted from a continent and taken to a foreign country, which put us in the middle passage abused and murdered

Beaten and coerced to take care of children that were not the females, but unable to take care of the ones that belong to her family unit. Children separated from mothers to being sold to other masters and taught the ways of slavery. We are dismantled people whose lives did not matter because we were always considered goods and services. Our self-esteem is broken because you have been born in this system.

We simply asked if we could live as normal citizens by so-called masters. They blocked us every step. If you were a black leader, you would be murdered because you dared to imagine that you had the right to have this life. That you would utter these words aloud so that all can hear. In the future, we have sought to change the focus of this type of murder, but the killing goes on. To ensure that you do not forget your place in this country, the powers that are, have set up some fear tactics that make you listen.

In the early South, the powers that ruled, rode around on horses and put white sheets over their heads and burned down houses where black families slept. Suddenly, when they woke up to escape, they were captured and hung. Youngsters shot and killed and went to their deaths. Taking pictures with others who caught and hung a Blackman. Proud of what they had done. Black human beings created by the universe but treated like they are worthless.  This is only a small part of the story; it is just to give you an idea of what is at stake at this time.  Those of you who are killing another black young man or a woman, get this you have helped destroy the black civilization phase II. Read the book “The destruction of the black civilization.” Focus on the Mossi Tribe. The tribal king had to join forces with his sister Queen Nzinga, of Ndongo and Matamba. she had to teach her brother not to sell, trade, or kill his people.

Angola had a rule that all traders must not enter the house of Angola. The Angolan people did not heed their warning. Our people have always turned, after all, we became slaves in America. Every time you kill a brother, whether you like him or not, he owes you or not. He disregards you or not, you continue the destruction of the black civilization. It should be compulsory reading in school. You are destroying us. We are in the midst of a dangerous time. The destruction of the American Empire

Where will you be?

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