Making your Writing Dream come True

I’ve contemplated for many years about what my life would be like at 65 plus. When I was young, I went to school and got a certificate as a medical assistant. Over the years I worked in some major hospitals and organizations. I tried to envision what my life would be like after leaving the work world. Computers were introduced to the companies who wanted to organize their information. This instrument or machine whichever came first with a brain fascinated me it was like Abracadabra.  

I have been writing as a eight year old, creating poems and writing stories and most of them in my head. I procrastinated, never letting anyone know that I had this skill of writing. People in my life was not privy to my dream to be a published author. My writing started out documenting how I was mistreated in this world. Once that information had been purged, I found me to be empty. I still wanted to write and so went on a journey of writing stories. I even attempted to write a science fiction story. I was filling books with its fresh, smooth white paper and a perfectly fine point pen to express all my emotions.  I did know what I wanted to do. The writing was an escape out of the hurt and pain of life.

The writing was my therapist, which real-life could not offer. Help me understand why life is so complicated. Writing calms the soul. Through technology, I have been in a position to write and publish my works. I realize publishers are constantly rejecting the writer’s “submissions so i went on a mission of self publishing. During my learning process, I decided I am not looking for fanfare about my writing. I published my works whether they were purchased or not.  Don’t get me wrong I want to see my work noticed but it is important to do it for you first. I will publish it for sharing with others. If my works are recognized as worth anything Bravo I did it.

I am living my dream of having the time to write. So, I self-publish my two poetry books. “Reflections” is my first poetry book self-published on Lulu Publishing. I did all the writing and used the tools provided by Lulu Publishing. Then I decided to publish a second book, “1800 Indigo, excerpts from a life.” In my next journey, I document what my methods were during my writing process. This book is accurately named “Simple Steps for People Who Want to Write but Don’t Know Where Start.” Information that would help a person write. To live their dream. My rite of passage to pass the baton to others who are trying to write and give their worth. Some people have written in journals for years thinking about publishing.

People who are avid readers who have considered writing are clueless about the process. Some wanted to write, finding that they secretly had ambitions to become an author, but how would I even start. What would I write about? The skill I have obtained over time is from seeking out information and practice, practice, and more practice. I have researched writing magazines and books on writing. I have a library on the process of writing. YouTube has famous writers teaching on various parts of writing.  Each writer is an expert on dialogue, character, and plot, and genre. No, you will not be an instant published writer, but practice and seeking the proper amount of knowledge can get you to several levels. As you rise in the knowledge of writing you will recognize, the information in this eBook is to give you a start.  So let’s get started. My eBooks are published on

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