New Species of Human

 I have observed a transformation in the human spectrum. I have never had a problem or opinion of the LGBTQ community. Why? I have no idea. I think people have to be what they want to be in this life. Lately, I have seen them coming out of all these communities. Last year I was privy to the gay pride festival in Philadelphia. I admired their audacity to be themselves. In many, I notice the question has been “Who am I?” I too asked that question? We are in a transitional phase. Many materials are being stirred and shaken. What if the universe is “creating:” on a whole new level? Over the centuries there has always been a difference in the species of humans on earth.  I mean the scientist just found out the universe is expanding. When it expands guests what it means, it expands everywhere even on earth.  So, the other question is “What if?” Our species is being recreated to add another. I’ve seen people dealing with the gay entity. Now it has changed drastically. We started with LGBTQ; it seems like a new being is emerging. The difference in their existence is that a new species is emerging.

This had my attention. This new group is not male or female. The world is starting to accept the concept, with some still fighting the idea. Now that has happened this new species of humans has emerged, we are listening and paying attention to what is happening.

If another species emerged on our planet from a spaceship hypothetically, we would freak out. We would want to know how it would impact our lives here on earth. Socially, religiously and a host of other ways. This is happening right now families are coming apart because they do not understand. Many mothers and fathers could not believe they could produce that type of person. Families who are struggling with this new phenomenon you were chosen to bring this new species of human to this world. Nothing you did wrong.   Think about it, all the things that the community is going through right now. I think the universe is preparing us for the future of a new existence. I know that this sounds crazy, but it is a thought. The universe created males and females, and he is always improving on its designs and adding to his creations. Just ask the scientist they are still discovering. There is another species. We haven’t met them yet, or have we?  This feature is in celebration of change and differences.



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