Great Expectations

 You know how when you look down into your children faces as babies and wonder how they will turn out. You would never expect them to take life and ride the waves, as a parent you are so over protective you are so afraid that they will hurt themselves. Well I would of never thought that my baby girl would be the catalyst for a true family structure. A black man, husband and father at the helm and the motivation of a brilliant wife, that taught me what a parent should do. I question my audacity to bring human life in this world to have them figure it out, yet they did it brilliantly. They raise together five beautiful young women put them through twelve years of school, and college. This story is written in the universe. All praises to the most high the creator of our universe.

Like any couple they started out rocky. That never stop them. They devised a plan. First, she went to work holding things down until the last baby was in school. Unable to find work he became a stay home dad, nurturing each and every one of them until they were in school full time. Then my son in law went on a journey to find a job, as luck would have it he ended up with a position right away. One that only yield small pay. In my daughter infinite wisdom she pointed out how his contribution to the progress of their goal was very significant. Through this strategy they purchase a home and raised their little princesses. Now that the job raising the women is coming to close, my little one reflects on her youngness and that her nest is finally empty with the last one going off to college. I am truly amazed, and proud of them and truly blessed to know them.

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