A hero in the battle for life

Here is my daughter Rita who is truly battling to stay alive. Cancer invaded her life and setup a strategic base that has been traveling through her blood. When she was told by her doctor that she did not have long, she decided to go outside. To live life. She needed to eat, she needed to breath. Each day like a ritual she would wash her face and begin her day.. Take her son to school, put in time with her grands. She love to cook for family. It’s the love pouring in each dish that is spread around gives validation to the family that she loves them. It is the soulfulness of eating that so beautiful.

Every time she is with us she expresses her love for them so that there is no doubt. Doctors want to pin her to machines and drug her being, but in order to fight you have to rise up, take a deep breath and go out into the world and live life. When it’s time god will come.


3 Replies to “A hero in the battle for life”

  1. Sorry for your lost. I’ve been looking for Rita on Facebook for some few years now. I couldn’t remember your name until last night. I searched Facebook until I found a face that resemble hers. I said, this got to be her mother. Then I remembered as a child speaking to you.. . Hi Ms Elaine. As I browsed through your page and photos it became clear you were the mother of my childhood friend. And then I seen a photo of Rita on your page, followed by a comment that read….RIP Rita.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but i lost my son Johnny “Man” he died from a stroke. it has been devastating. Rita would always talk about her friends and she had a lot. She said in her last words “Tell all my friends and Family I love them. that includes you.

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