Rock then a place

Today I contemplate leaving a fifteen year domicile to a new journey. Hopefully, I will be able to stand. At my tender age some eons ago, entities such as myself would not venture into
the unknown. A stalker waiting for my departure, to sell, yet the structure is ready to plunge upon the ground. Hopefully, whomever is left here will leave too. It is 4 am and I am thinking about the packing, boxes , labels the organizing . Thoughts of family passed leaves me alone. Their energy soars through my veins. My mind is bombarded with beckoning messages
urging me to be strong between this rock and hard place. Lazy I be, to let my being rest here , day after day, year after year. Sucked into the comfort of this life. Infinity is the universal message. Everything that was or has been will be different. Once again we find ourself in between a rock and a hard place.


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