Take this Life

It had been a besselian since she first told me. it traveled through my chassis like a serpent , silently sliding through the corridors of my heart. Guilt held me hostage, with haunting memories. I was the one who brought her on this planet. I sentence my first born to die. She was so beautiful when she was born. She was round and brown and my first baby girl. Not thinking, I eased her on this hostile planet through a passageway of no return. It was a slave planet, she was a queen yet never had the chance to rule. She dance through life like fearless, yet at times humble of her family. She was afraid of the power, that sentence her to stop living, traveling, living life, sharing her essence with the family she loves. Just on her forgiveness alone she should be pardoned. I ask for an audience of the most high, presenting my case of trading spaces with her. I pointed out that my not teaching her the things she needed to know to give the proper contribution to this life. That I had lived my life, that I would gladly trade mine for hers. Many entities did not respond…… I guess they are discussing my fate. On the morning she was scheduled to leave the planet , without warning the solution arrived upon my mind.

I the bearer of a female life was summon to her side. She knew my presence . Having put my affairs in order, I was ready to see my life form move on to the next plane of existence. I dressed in the most illustrious garb, gold, emerald and jade. All my worldly wealth, draped about me. No regret, I know that we will see each other again. Once at her side I was the only one with her, I told her that I loved her and apologize for hurting her over time. Tears emerged from eyes that still saw her as that baby everyone adored.
Tears were with her as she believe that this was her last moments. That she would be leaving this planet alone. As I touched her forehead and closed my eyes, there was a stillness, time stopped for one brief second and without hesitance the universe did its work. When my daughter awaken the next sunrise, she could hear the sound of baroque and the feeling of euphoria. Adjacent to her hand, my scarf and a note, I love you with all my heart and soul, take this life and live good.

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