The Innocent smile greets me each day,

No prejudice of my appearance

A unique someone,

An adore so pure


What’s in this name so physically dominant?

Sincere in his thoughts,

Focus in his movements,

Sincere in his smile,

The discovery of his Hands,

A game of monster we play,

Come down from their Sincere,

Who told you could fly,

Come down Sincere I see you

Up there,

My Sincere, a son of love,


Mommies Little Boy

Daddies little man, Grannies Lillo boy!

2 Replies to “Sincere”

    1. I have been writing poems since i was ten years old but I just decided to take it to the next level. I am still trying to edit a finish novel, remember who i work for……. One day i will turn it loose.

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